Practice Areas

Civil and Administrative

There are many times when people need to consult with an experienced General Practice Attorney to help them with various Civil & Administrative legal matters. We help hundreds of people statewide at the Law Office of John Philip Fox, in Macon, GA. Civil matters and problems relating to Administrative Law often can be resolved through negotiation, mediation or other alternatives to litigation. However, when litigation is needed, we are relentless in our efforts to obtain the best possible results for our clients.
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Criminal Defense

When you’re charged with a crime, your world is turned upside down. It’s very stressful to be facing possible a loss of your freedom with prison time, costly fines, a permanent criminal record and difficulty finding potential employment. You need an experienced, aggressive and committed criminal defense attorney like John Philip Fox. Attorney John Philip Fox is highly recognized by his peers for his in-depth knowledge of criminal law and the criminal justice system. He doesn’t shy away from tough cases.
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