Criminal Defense

When you’re charged with a crime, your world is turned upside down. It’s very stressful to be facing possible a loss of your freedom with prison time, costly fines, a permanent criminal record and difficulty finding potential employment. You need an experienced, aggressive and committed criminal defense attorney like John Philip Fox. Attorney John Philip Fox is highly recognized by his peers for his in-depth knowledge of criminal law and the criminal justice system. He doesn’t shy away from tough cases. This is the criminal defense attorney who will go to trial and win cases others see as impossible. Nothing stops him from pursuing justice on behalf of his clients.

The Law Office of John Philip Fox: Criminal Defense

Attorney John Philip Fox has successfully represented charged with misdemeanors and felonies. The types of criminal cases he has successfully defended range from juvenile offenses and simple misdemeanors to complex drug conspiracies and public corruption. He does a comprehensive investigation of the allegations, including talking to law enforcement, reviewing probable cause, attaining witness statements and evaluating the evidence. With attention to the legal details, he prepares a strong criminal defense. He has successfully defended hundreds of cases at both the state and federal level. It’s important to note that federal criminal prosecutors have access to many resources and use these resources to help convict criminal defendants. Attorney John Philip Fox has his own resources to battle against prosecutors.

The Outcome: Attorney John Philip Fox

Turn for the best outcome from attorney John Philip Fox. His track record of successes include dismissal of charges, acquittals at trial, reduced charges, probation instead of jail time and reduced sentence time. If you are found guilty, he will quickly file for an appeal on your behalf. Attorney John Philip Fox is experienced in the appellate process. He does in-depth case research and prepares a strong oral argument in front of the appellate court judge. And since the appellate process is different than the regular court process, it’s important that you have an experienced appeals attorney.

In addition to providing clients with a strong defense strategy, Attorney John Philip Fox works closely with his clients during the criminal justice process. He keeps clients in the loop with regard to the progress of their case. And if a plea bargain is offered by the prosecutor, he lets clients know all of the pros and cons with accepting it. Attorney John Philip Fox is there to protect your best interests and rights.

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